Thoughts on Next.js

I recently started learning the next.js framework. I started this with javascript experience but none with react. I was able to do the React tutorial in next.js with only some slight modifications to add CSS. Overall, I really like both React and Next.js. React is a powerful framework on its own, and Next.js extends that even further. Server-side generation and rendering is a powerful feature that is neccessary to get the best user experience across all devices and internet connection speeds.

Here are some bullet points about Next.js (and react in general):


  • Fast: Server side rendering and static generation take some of the load off of the client and improve load times
  • Don't have to worry about minifying assets
  • Re-usable components are nice
  • Writing HTML without having to use strings is convenient
  • Don't have to write client side javascript or worry about browser compatibility
  • Complex features are simple to implement


  • Must create a lot of files, 1 for almost every page adds up
  • I find relative imports annoying. I wish they were based on the application root rather than the current directory so I could use the same import statement in multiple files
  • Prefetched links give the user no feedback that the page they navigated to is loading
  • Compilation is slow during development
  • Tracebacks (for non-syntax errors) are basically non-existant (line numbers in the thousands when the file is less than 100 lines) so debugging them can be painful (adding console.logs, waiting for a recompile, navigate to the page and it compiles some more, get an error, repeat)
  • Can't use CSS tag selectors on a page-by-page basis, only globally, so you have to resort to naming classes based on tag name in a CSS module